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MISR company for Sound and Light works towards managing and operating the sound and Light shows in the various archeological areas that represents by sphinx (pyramids) area at Giza governorate, Karnak temple at Luxor governorate, Faila temple at Aswan governorate, Abu SIMBLE temple at Abu Simble area, Edfo temple at Edfo area; they are internationally renowned as their historical civilized value is simple byond description; and the up-to-date technology f Lighting, Laser and projection are utilized for imagining the hidden sectors of Pharaonic Egyptian civilization. In every year, hundreds of thousands of people attend those marvelous for commemorating the Legend in the atmospheres of the Pharaonic Egyptian antiquities.The Company carries out the future projects at the Egyptian archeological sites and other ones of touristic attraction, develop them and issues the photographs, printed matters and multimedia as per the up-to-date Technology as well as managing and carrying out the Touristic service projects relating to them and preparing thereof, including the touristic transport services, organization of artistic shows at the archeological sites and of all what aims at propagating the culture and arts so as to keep pace with the latest world achievements fulfilled in this connection whether by it self or through participation with third party.


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