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Pyramids are not the source of attraction for modern tourists only but they have been a source of attraction and a favorite subject to visitors to Egypt for thousands of years. The historian Herodotus visited them, and Antonio, Cleopatra's lover climbed them. At the birth of Christ, they have been 2500 years old. The French emperor Napoleon did more than just a visit, as he actually slept inside them. Since the ancient times, pyramids enchanted and charmed their visitors.

Who are the men who have built these great monuments?! How did the ancient build such perfect monuments?!. Scholars and archaeologists in modern times has found it very difficult to agree on a number of theories about the ancient world. No one can argue about their size that make every human being feel small when standing at the foot of the pyramids, which remained tallest buildings in the world until modern times. About 4600 years ago, the pyramids were a state project to build a burial for kings and then the first giant stone was placed on Giza Plateau. The pyramid is the largest building in all parts of Egypt, and the only surviving of the ancient Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

Khufu built the Great Pyramid, which was not only the first pyramid in Egypt, but it was the height of perfection in design and construction. We do not know much about the reign of Khufu, and for this reason, he may be judged primarily by the pyramid; whether he was a decent ruler or a cruel tyrant! We may never know for sure

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